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How’s the wedding planning coming?

July 2, 2011

If you are now planning, or have ever planned, a wedding, it’s likely you’re very familiar with this question. No longer is it the common, How are you? How’s the job? What’s new in life? Immediately, almost overnight, the minute the ring slips on your finger, people begin to ask one question and one question only. How’s the wedding planning coming? I’m not kidding, in one night I was asked this by no less than six people. And there were only 10 there.

So, in the interest of appeasing all you folks who have asked me this question, or are planning to ask the next time you see me, let me save you the trouble.

It’s going pretty well!

That’s my standard response, followed by a smile and my utmost attempt at calm, cool, and collected. No one wants to be that out-of-control, nervous wreck of a bride that people are afraid to approach let alone start a conversation with. Am I right?

No, but seriously, it’s going pretty well. I definitely have those freak out moments. But I try to take a deep breath and concentrate on all the things I’ve been able to cross off that three page To Do list {for reals}. Let’s see, we have the vendors booked, the invitations are out, almost all of the DIY projects have been started or at least planned, the dress is in the final alterations stage, the master timeline has been drafted, we’re meeting with our pastor next week… Yeah, I’m feeling good about it.

Until someone reminds me our wedding is only two months away. Eeeps!

Moving right along… Did I mention our invites are out? And did I also mention it was the ULTIMATE DIY project? No? Well, it was quite the undertaking. Whatever possessed us to tackle such a task, I’ll never know. Oh, right. It was that little thing called a BUDGET. Anyway, I can’t wait to show them to you and take you through the entire printing, cutting, gluing, twine-tying madness. Get ready to be impressed. Or not, whatevs. I’ll settle for inspired.

xo- Kristine

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