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DIY inspired: Make-it-your-own invitations

July 3, 2011
Ooooh, aaaah! The finished product!

Before I get into the whole DIY process, I must share some important background info with y’alls: my fiance, he’s a graphic designer. He uses Photoshop and creative software almost every day for work. {Now I’ve ruined it for you. You’re not all that impressed anymore, are you?} He’s also an artist and, in my opinion, a supremely talented one. If it wasn’t for him, there’s no way our invitations would have turned out the way they did.


Glad I got that off  my chest. Now let’s dive in, shall we?

Step 1: Buy the paper.

I’m not sure why we chose to buy the materials before designing anything but I think it helped us envision what the whole thing would look like before choosing our fonts, deciding on the layout, etc. We bought our paper from Paper Boy, a small paper goods store in Chicago, and even got a discount for buying so much. {Tip: Ask for a discount if you buy in bulk!}. After looking through some of their sample invitations for ideas, we decided on three layers–so we could incorporate more of our wedding colors. Charcoal for the back, then blue, then white. We also wanted to include a reply postcard and website card and decided to do those in blue–since only a small sliver would show on the invitation.

Sidenote: Please, please, please check POSTAGE RATES before you decide on the size of your invitation. Rates increase with special/larger envelopes and even though one invitation may only cost an additional .44 cents multiply that by 100-150 and you have a significant expense on your hands.

Ok, moving on.

Step 2: Make it your own.

This was definitely the fun part. I mean how awesome is it to choose how you want to introduce your wedding to the world? All the way down to the very.last.detail {I think pretty darn awesome}. To get inspiration, we searched online, looked through wedding magazines, and read up on wording etiquette. Visit the knot for help with wording.

Font inspiration via Style Me Pretty

To make it our own, we carried our theme throughout and included an icon–a compass that my fiance drew. Yeah, he REALLY drew that! We also changed the wording to fit our theme of starting a journey together. It went like this: Together with their families {the couple} invite you to join them as they begin their journey as husband and wife. Love.

Step 3: Print, cut, paste.

The not so fun part. But it has to be done, people. And when IT IS FINALLY DONE, it looks something like this.

Printing, cutting, pasting. DONE. Boom.

By the way, I didn’t want to have to tell you this but after we printed everything–and looked it over no less than three times each, scrutinizing every.single.word–we realized we had our address wrong. Awwweeeesome. So make sure you double-check everything. Pull out the last piece of mail you received, google the venue again, type in the website. DO it.

Step 4: Put it all together.

We decided to tie the invitation suite together with twine–another detail we’re repeating throughout our wedding–and added a cute little tag with our icon on it. We bought a paper punch from a craft store to make the tags. Aren’t they cute?! And so super easy!

That beautiful bride in the background? That’s my mumsie.

We got our inspiration for tying the suite together from Martha Stewart Weddings {of course, right?}. Check out some other awesome ideas using baker’s twine, graphic paper, thread, and see through colored envelopes. Martha’s got it goin’ on.

Tie it together via Martha Stewart Weddings

Step 5: Seal, stamp, and SEND!

And watch the ooohs and awwws come pouring in!

PS. If you wanna buy lovie dovie stamps, don’t wait until you get to the post office to purchase them. Buy online. They have a ton more to choose from and they {surprisingly} get to you fairly quickly.



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