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Planning your photography

August 4, 2011

Planning the photography for your wedding is so much more than finding a good photographer. OK, I admit that after you research and meet with and finally book your photographer, you’ve accomplished the bulk of the task. The rest is just, well, details. But as we all know, details matter. Especially in this crazy, wonderful wedding world.

What’s next after booking the photographer, you ask? Making sure said photographer gets all the shots you want. Sure, there’s the typical wedding party shots. Bride with the bridal party. Bride and groom with wedding party. Groom, brother, father. Although I believe it’s important to think through these shots and communicate them to your photographer–if anything else so she/he can have an idea of how many shots you want and how much time each group will take–what about the more creative photos we’ve seen in weddings lately? Any of those that catch your eye? Are there any particular details you’ve included in your wedding, spent hours thinking through and deciding on, that you would be verklempt not to remember years  down the road? {You like that? I was channeling Babs right there.}

Here are some of my favorite shots right now. I’ll definitely be including some of these in my wedding. DON’T even mention how soon that is…

Wedding party shoes via Style Me Pretty
Groomsmen shoes via Green Wedding Shoes

Shoe shots–who woulda thought, eh? They make for such fun pictures. I also love it when the bride and groom get their shoes in there. Especially when the groom is wearing funky socks!

Bride and groom from the bottom up via The Knotty Bride

Fun, right?! And how about unique bouquet shots. My faves are when the photographer zooms in on the maids holding their bouquets. I’m also a sucker for those singular bouquet shots. They’re so simple and pretty.

Maids and bouquets via Green Wedding Shoes
Just the bouquet via Style Me Pretty Illinois

Check this one out–shoes AND bouquets! And cowboy boots no less. Me likey.

Bouquets and shoes via Style Me Pretty

A must have? Ring shots. Especially when they’re incorporated into your theme or decor.

Travel-themed rings via Green Wedding Shoes
Vintage typewriter rings via Style Me Pretty

I think that typewriter shot has firmly placed itself in my list of coolest wedding photos of all time. Man, I need to find a typewriter. Last but most definitely not least are the BRIDE shots.

Wedding dress shot via The Bride’s Cafe

You cannot forget the ultimate dress shot. There are so many creative ways to do this photo. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Jewelry shot via Every Last Detail

I really love this idea. In one shot, you’re able to see each piece of the bride’s jewelry. Her ring, necklace, and earrings. I was immediately drawn to this picture because my necklace is my something old {my great-grandmother’s pearl} and my earrings are my something borrowed {from my mom}. Stunning.


Did I miss any cool and creative shot ideas? If I did, please send them my way. I need them! I’m getting married in three weeks, people! Uh oh, I mentioned the countdown. Cue the anxiety. I gotta go get a drink.


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