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Wedding wear: Mismatched bridesmaids

August 13, 2011

The other day a friend sent me an article on 10 Things Learned While Planning a Wedding. Number 3 had me literally laughing out loud:

If you’re not buying the bridesmaid dresses, let your attendants pick their own. Children in matching dresses are adorable. Adult women in matching dresses are uncomfortable and resentful. Think of it as your opportunity to be the most awesome friend in the world.

While I have LOVED every wedding I’ve been a part of, and was more than happy to support the bride by wearing whatever she wanted me to wear, there are two unavoidable consequences of buying a bridesmaid dress. One, you will NEVER wear it again. And two, you end up feeling a bit awkward and uncomfortable the whole night. It’s difficult to feel yourself in something you didn’t choose to wear. Right?

With that in mind, and also because I wanted my lovely, unique, and outstanding friends to look themselves on my wedding day, I let my maids choose their own dresses. There were only two guidelines: It had to be in the color scheme (any combination of grey/white/or blush pink) and they absolutely had to wear it again. Sure, there has been some fleeting anxiety over whether everyone will look good together but the more I see mismatched dresses the more my nerves are put at ease. See how pretty?

To each her own via Ruffled
Pastels via Love and Lavender
Shades of yellow via Green Wedding Shoes
Her favorite color via Engaged & Inspired
Florals via Green Wedding Shoes

What do you think? Mismatched dresses sure make for beautiful pictures, don’t they? And you know, there are some pretty different maids displayed in some of these shots and they still look great side by side. So there you go. No need to worry! I can’t wait to see my ladies on The Big Day {and show you their pretty, pretty mismatched dresses}!


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  1. Shelly W permalink
    September 23, 2011 2:53 pm

    For my girls, I picked out a certain apple red color at the bridal store and then they were able to pick whatever style dress they wanted in that color (long or short, strapless or straps, puffy or straight). So they each got a dress they’d feel comfortable in for their body type; emphasizing their best and minimizing their least favorite parts 🙂 They loved it, but I can see where this would be awesome too since I doubt any of my girls ever wore their dresses again.

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