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Inspiration board: Craspedia

September 21, 2011

I’m just gonna say it–I am CRAZY about craspedia. I love it. I really do. I would have had it in my wedding if yellow was one of our colors–it didn’t exactly go with the grey, sky blue, and soft pink palette. But if it did, there’s no way I would have passed up such a unique, fun flower. As an ode to my love, an inspiration board.

Row 1: Tablescape, ceremony decor, yellow bouquet, cake

Row 2: Centerpiece, cotton bouquet

Row 3: Colorful bouquet, boutonniere, craspedia bouquet, white bouquet

The thing I love about this flower is that it pretty much goes with any type of decor. Chosen a rustic theme? Put it together with some cotton! Want something soft and pink? Toss in just a few for a pop of color. Modern more your style? Try a few stems in a simple vase. Really, is there no limit to the billy ball?



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