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Inspiration board: Teal and orange

July 16, 2011

Teal and orange. Those aren’t exactly two colors I’m drawn to. I’m more of a gray, black, and white kind of girl. I know, real colorful. But lately I’ve been falling down over this summery combo. It’s so cheerful and happy–and not your typical cheerful as in sunshine and rainbows and glee (the noun not the tv show). It’s modern and cool. Chic and stylish. Awesome and… OK, enough of that.

Row 1: Teal bridesmaid, letterpress invite, love is sweet, lanterns

Row 2: Flower box, wedding party, teal vase

Row 3: Mason jars & sweets, orange seating cards, tin box, hanging jar

You guys, some of these pictures aren’t even from WEDDINGS! Do you know what this means?! This color combo can be used for SO MANY PURPOSES! ARE YOU EXCITED?! ARE YOU?! WHY AM I YELLING? Oh, er. I’m sorry. But seriously, teal and orange. Supposedly it was THE color combo from 2010 but that doesn’t mean it’s so. last. year. I promise.


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